Supplying Aid to Victims of Emergency (SAVE)

The California Fire Foundation’s Supplying Aid to Victims of Emergency (SAVE) program brings immediate, short-term relief to victims of fire and other natural disasters throughout California.

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Through this program, frontline firefighters in California provide SAVE gift cards to eligible victims of fire and natural disasters so they may purchase basic necessities such as food, clothing or medicine. When the program launched in 2014, the gift cards were $100 in value – and in 2019, due to the commitment of the Foundation’s donors, SAVE cards were permanently increased to $250 each.

Please click here for the Foundation’s SAVE overview, or watch the video below to see the impact of this program during the 2018 wildfires.

For Supporters:

The SAVE program has grown steadily since 2014 and has impacted more than 55,000 victims in California to date. The SAVE program is administered directly by participating fire departments across California each day, and mobilizes for rapid disaster relief when communities are impacted by wildfire or natural disasters. The SAVE program is a reliable way for Foundation supporters to provide direct relief to victims, especially in the first 24-48 hours after a disaster.

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To view corporate partnership levels, please CLICK HERE . Each level of support is appreciated by the California Fire Foundation.

For Fire Departments and Districts:

The SAVE program is available to any officially organized fire department or district. In order to participate in the program, a Memorandum of Understanding must be signed by both a Fire Chief and President (or Lead Representative) for the Respective Bargaining Unit(s) or Association(s) for Firefighters.

The SAVE program runs at no cost to participating fire departments and districts. When the MOU is signed, the Foundation will send training materials, SAVE cards, and will work with your department to help roll out the program. The SAVE program is another way for fire departments and districts to help victims in their own community, year round.

Thank you to participating departments – click here to view the list of those involved.

SAVE resources for participating departments are available here.

Interested in signing up? Questions? Please contact the California Fire Foundation at or (916) 641-1707.

Responding to Wildfires

During the devastating Camp, Hill, and Woolsey Fires of 2018, the California Fire Foundation mobilized direct assistance through local fire departments and volunteers. During the three weeks that cards were distributed at the FEMA center in Chico and at various locations throughout Southern California, firefighters and their families distributed over 10,000 cards totaling over $2.6 million given in direct aid to victims. To see photos of SAVE cards being distributed during this period, please CLICK HERE.

**Please note that the California Fire Foundation does not distribute SAVE cards directly – SAVE cards are given to victims by participating fire departments and districts.