Pipes & Drums of California Professional Firefighters

Pipesanddrumsportrait1In the grand tradition of honoring fallen colleagues, the Pipes and Drums of California Professional Firefighters was created to perform at memorial services honoring firefighters who have died in the line of duty.

Since its inception in 1999, the corps has grown from a few members to 26 individuals. Each musician is a paid, career or retired firefighter, whose participation in the Pipe and Drum Band is entirely on a volunteer basis.

The primary motivation behind creation of the Pipes and Drums of CPF was to have a dignified, traditional presence at the California Firefighters Memorial in Sacramento.

The Pipes and Drums of CPF gave its premiere performance at CPF’s 37th state convention in April of 2000. Since then, it has performed at a numberpipesanddrumsportrait2 of firefighter memorial services, including the unveiling of the California Firefighters Memorial and the October 2001 California Memorial Service and Procession of Heroes honoring the victims of the 9-11 tragedy.

The group has also performed at the Firefighter Olympics, San Francisco’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade and at several professional sports events.

The Pipes and Drums of CPF has become a popular fixture at important gatherings of firefighters. Playing in the great tradition of Scottish bagpipe bands, the group lends an air of dignity and honor to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

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The current membership of the Pipes and Drums of California Professional Firefighters:

Dan Barker, Monterey
Ralph Bates, Orange County
Darren Bobrosky, Berkeley
Dane Bode, Los Angeles County 
Jay Bowdler, Sacramento City
Bill Broderick, Lodi 
Rodney Cordero, Salinas
Suzanne Cottle-Gavalla, Oakland
Kirtus Creiglow, Cosumnes
David (Mike) Donley, Sacramento City
Gabriel Ferrer, Rancho Cucamonga
Jeff Hahn, Vista
Brad Hansen, Sacramento City

Tracey Hansen, Cosumnes
Michael Lafreniere, National City 
Art LeClair, Sacramento City

Eric McKellar, Los Angeles County
Pete Melcher, South San Francisco
Brian Murphy, Los Angeles County
Daren Olson, Alameda City
Mike Price, Contra Costa County
Joe Roberts, San Jose

Kelcey Sass, Vista
Todd Witt, Pasadena
Alan Wilkes, Orange County
John Williamson, Del Mar
Mark Lundquist, Orange County
Cory Gallup, Orange County
Mark Howell, Pinole
Frank Walsh, Santa Clara City

For more information about the Pipes and Drums of the CPF, or to request the band for a memorial service or event, contact the California Fire Foundation at cafirefoundation@cpf.org.

Download sheet music here.