California City Launches Disaster Preparedness Workshops

As fire season approaches, California City’s most vulnerable citizens are getting a helping hand from their firefighters. California City Firefighters held the first of two disaster preparedness workshops last week to highlight evacuation planning and special precautions for the elderly population in the event of a disaster.

California City Firefighters Local 3903 has partnered with the California Fire Foundation to bring public service announcements and evacuation planning materials to elderly individuals at these disaster preparedness workshops.

The “Have an Evacuation Plan” campaign is designed to teach senior citizens, their families and caregivers how to make sure all needs are taken into consideration. While having an emergency supply of food and water, mapped out evacuation routes and emergency contacts are standard in any evacuation plan, senior citizens must take medical conditions and physical limitations into consideration when planning for possible disaster.

All members of the public were invited to attend this free workshop, which paired hands-on training with a Powerpoint presentation. Members of the Police Department also helped host the training.

“I was extremely pleased with the outcome,” said David Orr, a California City firefighter/paramedic and program director of these workshops. “Several senior citizens in attendance commented on the usefulness of the brochures, especially the medication list and contact list resources.”

In addition to the workshops, California City Firefighters are distributing brochures and public service announcements to community centers, in the hopes of reaching as many senior citizens as possible.

“We’re excited to spread the program further throughout the community,” Orr said.

For additional information, or a copy of the public service announcement and brochure, please contact the California Fire Foundation or go to