Steven Frank Holladay

San Diego City
April 26, 1995

Holladay.Steven.Frank_Photo RESIZEDFighting fires was only a small part of the career for Steve Holladay: community service, department representation, and living up to the standards of the uniform were the attributes he exhibited as a true firefighter.  Firefighter, Engineer, Captain, Son, and Dad – he did all of these well and set a high standard for all to follow.  He had envisioned a career that would provide for both his family and an opportunity to serve the city where he was born and raised – he achieved this through firefighting.  With his legacy being lived on through his family and those he assisted in the line of duty, Steve Holladay’s memory will never be forgotten.  He lost the battle to job-related cancer at the age of 43.

On the Memorial

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