Michael P. Reddy

Los Angeles City
November 17, 2016

Michael P. Reddy began his career in the fire service as a firefighter for the City of Los Angeles. During his 16 years of service, Michael moved through the ranks to Inspector, where he helped to establish the department’s first-ever Community Risk Reduction Unit. In this role, Michael’s work involved solving the City’s most pressing issues regarding fire safety and working with neighborhoods and other local departments to provide education regarding fire safety and prevention. In 2016, Michael scored in the top 30 on the LA City fire captain exam, thus earning him a posthumous promotion to captain in 2017. Michael enjoyed watching and playing basketball as well as coaching his son’s sports teams. Michael died of job-related cancer in 2016 and is survived by his wife, Kim, his son, Brent, and two daughters, Tyara and Grace.

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