Mark Stefan Samet

Los Angeles City
October 6, 2005

Samet.Mark.Stefan_Photo RESIZEDKnown throughout his life and career as a man filled with compassion for others, an overwhelming sense of humor, and positive outlook on life, the loss of Mark has had a deep and profound impact on his family, friends and fire department. Throughout his profession as a firefighter and lifeguard, Mark wanted to contribute, serve and protect. Most of all, Mark wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. His insight, friendship and born-talent to make those around him laugh out loud were his greatest gift of all. As a son, brother, cousin and uncle, Mark was beyond compare. During a heart-felt eulogy to her beloved brother, Mark’s sister Shelley mused that – in between emergency calls – he was determined to write ŒŠí_í‡the great Hollywood comedy’. Mark reminded his friends and family to give to othersŒŠí__ but most of all, keep a sense of humor about things. His love and laughter will be missed

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