Eric Jon Samuelson

Corcoran State Prison
December 22, 2015

Even before joining the fire service, Eric Jon Samuelson’s career was devoted to the service of others. Eric served in the U.S. Army as a medic for six years, then spent a decade as a first responder for the Santa Rosa Rancheria Indian reservation in Lemoore. Intrigued with the fire service, Eric became a volunteer firefighter with the City of Lemoore before being hired on as a fire captain with the Corcoran State Prison Fire Department. Eric loved riding motorcycles, spending time with his family and doing whatever he could to help others. In December of 2015, Eric passed away after suffering a job-related heart attack. He is survived by his wife Maria, his sons Eric, Mateo, and Harley, his stepson Juan, his grandson Aiden, and his mother Jane and his brother Brian.


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