Fire Escape Plan

Make a Fire Escape Plan For Your Home

This section of our Web site is meant to assist you in planning your family’s escape route.  Below you will find an illustration and printable version of an escape “grid” and instructions guiding you through how to prepare your escape route.

  • Draw a floor plan of your home.
  • Label each room as a sleeping area, kitchen, living room, etc.
  • Label the location of all doors and windows in each room.
  • Label the location of helpful tools in each room such as rope ladders and traditional ladders.
  • Label all locations of smoke detectors.
  • Mark your family meeting spot, located near a distinct landmark, safely away from your home.
  • Post escape plans on each level of your home, in hallways and in every sleeping area.  A good rule of thumb is to make sure your family’s escape plan is posted with the same frequency as your smoke detectors
  • Make sure overnight guests, caretakers and/or babysitters know where escape plans are posted and review them.
  • Practice your escape plan at least once a month.  Don’t get caught with no way out!

For a printable version of your escape plan grid, click HERE.