Beneficiary Designation

A beneficiary designation is an easy, flexible way to support the Foundation’s mission. All or part of the proceeds from individual assets can be directed to the California Fire Foundation upon your passing. Examples include:

  • Life insurance policies
  • IRA or retirement plans
  • Donor-advised fund
  • Bank account
  • Brokerage account

How To Complete Your Gift:
1. Meet with Your Financial or Legal Advisor:
Consulting your financial or legal advisor is a smart investment that can save you and your family money and heartache in the long run. Please seek advice before deciding who will get what in your estate plan.

2. Name or Change a Beneficiary:
To name or change the beneficiary on your IRA, Retirement Plan, Life Insurance Policy, Donor-Advised Fund, Bank Account and/or Brokerage Account to the California Fire Foundation, you should contact the plan administrator or custodian for a change of beneficiary form. If you would like to name the California Fire Foundation as beneficiary, simply decide what percentage of the plan’s value (0-100 percent) you would like us to receive and name us, along with the stated percentage, on the beneficiary form. Then return the form to the administrator or custodian.

3. Let us Know of Your Plans:
Please inform us of your plans by completing this Letter of Intent. You can send the letter via email or snail mail as instructed in the form. We would also love to personally hear from you – we can be reached via email at or phone at (800) 890-3213.

Please use the following information when including the Foundation in your plans:
Legal Name: California Fire Foundation
Address: 1780 Creekside Oaks Dr., Sacramento, CA 95833
Federal Tax ID Number: 68-0118991