Resources for North Bay Fire Victims


Through our SAVE Program, we partner with fire departments and their respective bargaining units across the state of California to provide immediate financial assistance to eligible victims of fire and disaster in the form of $100 gift cards.  To be eligible, victims must have incurred 25% damage or more to their place of residence.

Since firefighters are the first line of defense, they are the designated distributors of the cards. SAVE cards are being distributed for victims of the Northern California fires, however, the distribution is being handled via Los Angeles City Fire. Due to the nature of this UNPRECEDENTED disaster, program designees are working as quickly as they can to get out as much assistance as possible, but are doing so with limited resources.

Because of the unprecedented disaster and impact, the distribution of these cards is changing by the day so firefighters can maximize getting aid to victims as fast and as best they can.  Napa and Santa Rosa Fire will continue to navigate these rapidly evolving circumstances and adjust their distribution plan as communities start to repopulate.  If you are seeking financial assistance via the SAVE program in the Napa area, please call Napa City Fire for additional information. If you are in the Santa Rosa Area, Santa Rosa Fire Department and Santa Rosa Firefighters Local 1401 are in the process of getting assistance out to those who need it through the end of the year.

Napa City Fire Department: (707) 257-9590

Santa Rosa Fire Department: (707) 543-3500

Santa Rosa Firefighters Local 1401: Email for additional information.


Please visit the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services Resource Guide for more information on the status of these disasters including:

  • Evacuation Information
  • Community Resource List
  • Contact Information for Responding Agencies
  • Fire Maps
  • How You Can Help

For information on local recovery efforts in Sonoma County,  CLICK HERE.

For information on location recovery efforts in Napa County, CLICK HERE.

Additionally, the Red Guide to Recovery is a comprehensive disaster recovery resource that helps survivors navigate step-by-step through the recovery process. It includes a variety of different financial, community, and crisis support resources.

For those with significant disabilities who are unable to speak are among the hardest hit by disasters like the North Bay Fires. United States Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication, a national organization devoted to the support of such people, is working to connect those impacted with resources and experts who can provide immediate help and support. enables people with disabilities who can’t use their natural speech and rely on other ways to communicate to make requests for specific help to request replacements for equipment lost and to connect to experts who are able to assist them.