Melinda J. Ohler

San Francisco
January 13, 2003

Ohler.Melinda_Photo RESIZEDFirefighter Melina J. Ohler, a 13-year veteran of the San Francisco Fire Department and member of San Francisco Fire Fighters Local 798, died in the line of duty as a result of head injuries incurred from an accident while responding to a fire.  Sister Ohler’s commitment to her profession began more than two decades ago.  “Mindy,” as she was affectionately called, began her training in 1981 and was hired by the San Francisco Fire Department in 1989.  She volunteered her time to work with children and was popular amongst her colleagues at san Francisco Fire Station 42, who noted her professionalism and positive attitude.  Dedicated and loyal to her beloved profession, Melinda Ohler is the San Francisco Fire Department’s first female firefighter to fall in the line of duty.

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