Gary Dwayne Helming

August 31, 2017

Gary Dwayne Helming’s fascination with serving and protecting others led him to a 22-year career in the fire service. He started as a volunteer with the Pine Valley Fire Department. He served with the Bureau of Land Management and went to work in the Los Padres National Forest. Gary was a member of the Southern California Association of Foresters and Fire Wardens and was awarded Santa Maria Elk Lodge Firefighter of the Year in 2015. Outside of work, Gary enjoyed spending time with his family and was an off-road driver for the Fire Guys Racing Team, which he co-owned. Last August, Gary passed away in an accident while battling the Railroad Fire near Yosemite. He is survived by his wife and fellow firefighter Andrea, their son Riley, their twins Walker and Nalani, and his parents Gary and Liz.

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